Frank Smith Studio

About Me…

I am a qualified (and retired) secondary school teacher of Visual Arts and have been teaching art to children, teens and adults for 40 years. My studio is located in the small, but creatively vibrant village of Mount Albert which is about a 45 minute drive north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

My studio is as a place where I go to create, a place where I show my art and a place where I find joy in teaching visual arts to the children, teens and adults in my community.

I’ve recently discovered joy also from playing and singing with my ukulele! I often play and sing at seniors residences in the area and love the effect that music has on the older folks.

You’ll find lots of photos of my studio activities on my facebook page.

Another passion of mine is ABCDreams, a small registered charity which I founded about 12 years ago to assist about 75 children in Tanzania to stay in school…now many of them are in college and university! So exciting! Check the link out!